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/Portals/2/EasyDNNRotator/19546/omnla0lx.jpg Top 2% of Retained Search Firms.

Top 2% of Retained Search Firms.

/Portals/2/EasyDNNRotator/19546/yo4z4umu.jpg During the last decade, over 50% of placements were diverse.

During the last decade, over 50% of placements were diverse.

/Portals/2/EasyDNNRotator/19546/f4vi2g0f.jpg Consult First, Search Second.

Consult First, Search Second.

Hiring the right talent is as critical to university planning as program development, accreditation planning or raising endowment funds. The most effective way to assemble a top leadership team is to partner with an experienced search team that can lend expert advice and guidance.

Founded in 1978, EFL Associates serves institutions ranging from small, privately-held college and faith-based colleges, to large public universities. We have successfully assisted clients in identifying and attracting top-notch academic leaders for the positions of Chancellor, President, Provost, Dean, and significant administrative roles. We aim to find highly motivated, professional candidates whose skills align precisely with the needs of our client colleges and universities.

To assist with the dissemination and evaluation of candidate information, EFL Associates invests in and makes available to all clients an electronic platform that allows Search Committee members instant access to all candidate information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows for streamlined, productive committee discussions and a secure, confidential environment for candidates.

Stephen Waldron, JD

Managing Director, Higher Education

Phone: 816-945-5423


David Sallee

Senior Consultant

Phone: 816-506-9426


lcolon-web636531100232335195 Luis Colon

Senior Consultant


Wynn Goering

Senior Consultant


Angela Lilje

Project Manager


Michelle Peterson

Research Associate


Comprehensive Search follows the traditional pattern of assisted academic searches, beginning with campus focus groups and guiding the process through final placement. Consultants will meet personally with the search committee at several key times throughout the process.


Candidate Identification follows the Comprehensive Search process up to the selection of finalist candidates. The client is then responsible for arranging and conducting final campus interviews, off-list referencing, background investigations, compensation negotiations.


LaunchPlus is designed to launch a search effectively and to build a diverse pool of candidates. The process concludes with the identification of the “preferred” pool of candidates from which semi-finalists are likely to be chosen. As with Candidate Identification engagements, the client is responsible for the completion of the search.

  • 60% diversity placement rate in 2016
  • 96% retention rate after the first year of employment
  • 86% retention rate after two years