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Companies frequently have needs that require executive-level personnel and expertise but do not need or cannot afford long-term hires to solve their immediate issues. Interim executives have increased in popularity in the past decade as companies continue to benefit from the immediate, cost-effective solutions experienced interim executives provide.

Companies who benefit from interim executive solutions are typically facing: 

  • Sudden exit of a key executive.
  • Rapid company growth.
  • Foreseeable executive-level vacancy.
  • Heightened need to innovate.
  • Time of crisis or change.
  • Short-term project requiring specific expertise.

If so, an interim executive may be the perfect solution. Save time and money while gaining the benefit of seasoned experience with a steady hand by utilizing our highly-qualified pool of executive talent.

Interim executives are experienced leaders who can manage your organization through a period of change or transformation and provide stability following the departure of a senior leader. Interim leaders can also provide a highly specialized skill set which an organization may not have internally.

Interim leaders, such as our Fractional CFOs, have a broad base of experience and can operate autonomously, if necessary, and with little guidance. With a wealth of experience comes skill, contacts, and knowledge that will be transferred to your team and will remain long after our contractor has departed.

For companies disrupted by technology or coping with change-management processes, project workers are a solution with several advantages, including mobility, agility, and a unique set of skills. Many organizations adopt a startup mindset when rolling out a major project or launching a new initiative. Hiring a project worker with specific skills and expertise instead of a full-time employee who needs training and benefits allows you to bridge the talent gap while moving quickly towards short-term goals.

Contract-to-hire solutions provide you with the opportunity to evaluate a leader’s technical skills, soft skills, and cultural fit within your organization without immediately committing to additional headcount. Contract-to-hire workers can give your organization the time you need to budget-in a new employee while still maintaining productivity.

By employing candidates on a temporary basis you can evaluate performance on the job without having to make an immediate long-term commitment. Partner with CBIZ to avoid benefits expenses, testing, payroll, internal recruiting costs, and tax deductions as you assess our leaders for best-fit.

Why CBIZ Project Recruiting?

1. Immediate Solution: Don’t lose valuable time trying to find a unicorn. Our database of talent and unique matching process means that we have an expert on-hand for your specific need.

2. Top Talent: Our leaders have worked for a broad range of organizations and have picked up valuable skills at every stop in their professional journey. Take advantage of their wealth of experience with zero long-term commitment.

3. Budget Friendly: Our up-front pricing model and matching process eliminates surprises. Gain valuable insight and experience immediately without having to commit to full-time employment, benefits, and additional headcount.

If you would like to learn how to save both time and money with CBIZ Project Based Recruitment services please click ‘Consult with Us’ below.

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