Contingency Search


Not everyone that makes an impact in the organization has a seat at the executive management table. Some of your company’s most essential positions need to be filled by individual contributors who have specialized skills and are the tactical talent that makes your business successful every day. This is where our Contingency Search practice comes in - our sweet spot is the Director and Manager level talent.

Our approach:

  1. Conduct an initial consultation to understand our client’s culture and evaluate fit.
  2. Create a job profile/marketing document to tell your story to potential candidates.
  3. Utilize a targeted approach to find and qualify potential candidates.
  4. Provide weekly updates to report findings, submit candidates and confirm that our strategy is leading to successful results.
  5. Initiate the introduction between our client and the potential candidate, then our client determines the next steps to best fit their organization’s needs.

CBIZ Talent & Compensation Solutions, powered by EFL Associates, is comprised of a team of search experts with decades of experience to help you find the right person for your key role. Our targeted recruiting focus will bring you more than just resumes.

Key Contact

Practice Leader
Kristen Faust
Director, Contingency Search Practice