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The retail industry not only generates an enormous portion of the gross domestic product, but also pumps huge amounts of money into other industries. EFL Associates understands this multifaceted industry and the leadership it takes to successfully operate a Retail company.

EFL Associates’ talent management experience in the retail industry spans all functionalities and geographies, as well as a broad range of organizations. 

A  sampling of completed talent acquisition projects include:

  • $4.4 billion greeting card manufacturer
  • $3 billion global food manufacturer
  • $1.5 billion pet food company
  • $1 billion pharmaceuticals and medical product supplier
  • And a vast array of other retail companies.

Our executive search partners’ rich retail experience differentiates our talent management strategies from other firms in the marketplace. Our retail partners have spent decades in the industry, ranging from experience at Coca-Cola to owning their own retail company. Their backgrounds drive their ability to find the best leaders for our clients’ needs.

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