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Academic Executive Search


Higher education institutions are complex organizations that require superior leadership and management to operate exceptionally. The hiring of top-level executives, such as presidents, provosts, and deans, is a critical task that requires specialized skills and deep knowledge of the sector. That's why many universities and colleges turn to executive search firms that specialize in higher education.

At CBIZ EFL Associates, we understand the concept of institutional fit. Our higher education practice has conducted countless searches for colleges and universities across the U.S. Our industry expertise and market credibility allow us to identify the best leadership candidates for our institutional partners based on a thorough understanding of their unique needs, challenges, and cultures.

Nationally Recognized Higher Education Recruiter


Our Institutional Partners

As a leading provider of academic executive search services, we have the privilege of partnering with a number of prestigious institutions including:

Our Practice Leader
Steve Waldron, JD

Managing Director

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Email At swaldron@eflassociates.com
Our Commitment

We Pledge to present highly motivated, professional candidates whose skills align precisely with the needs of our client colleges and universities.

Since 1978, EFL Associates has served every variety of institution. Our clients range from small private colleges to large public research universities. We will consult first, search second.

Our agility allows us to craft a search process to fit every need and budget.

Our Impact
  • 98% retention rate after the first year of employment
  • 70% of university presidents placed in the past ten years are still in office today
  • 60% of our placements are women and/or underrepresented minorities
  • 40 days faster than industry benchmarks
  • We are not tied to faceless databases. EFL recruits; we refuse to “post and hope.”

  • Our Expertise

    Our higher education executive search team specializes in the targeted identification, assessment, and placement of the following positions:

    • Presidents & Chancellors
    • Provosts & Deans
    • Vice Presidents & Officers
    • Athletic Directors & Coaches
    • Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents
    • Directors/Executive Directors
    • Endowed Faculty Positions