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Board of Directors


Organizations must work to ensure that board composition results in both strong governance and effective fiduciary oversight. Whether recruiting for one open position or filling multiple director positions simultaneously, EFL Associates focuses on identifying the diverse blend of board talent that will support ongoing corporate strategy.

Clients include organizations that are:

  • Publicly held 
  • Pre-IPO 
  • Private 
  • Nonprofit

EFL Associates is highly adept in support of:

  • Conducting current state assessment and needs analysis activities 
  • Performing exhaustive primary research related to specific industry/functional experience 
  • Identifying diverse candidates 
  • Coordinating outreach / interview logistics for candidates and board representatives 
  • Administering in depth due diligence (e.g., background checks, references, public domain research) 
  • Providing wise counsel and recommendations related to a holistic selection processes

Key Contacts
Practice Leaders

Jay Meschke
Angie Salmon
Senior Vice President