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October 30, 2019
A friend at a rural community college shared this anecdote with me. Her school was looking for a new CFO and had hired a well-known executive search firm to assist. On their first visit to her campus, the two consultants told her that her anticipated salary was not likely to attract good candidates, so she should consider ways to sweeten the deal. “How about a college car?” one of them asked. “Or maybe a county club membership?”

September 30, 2019
Now that Millennials are the largest generation in the United States labor force, it’s time for companies to consider how their management structure best suits this new crop of employees.

May 31, 2019
The premise is simple: If your company’s board of directors does not have equal representation of men and women, we will vote against your incumbent directors.

May 29, 2019
Jay Meschke, President, EFL Associates & CBIZ Talent & Compensation Solutions, talks about speed to hire in talent acquisition.

May 10, 2019
Read why a recruiting strategy is a critical aspect of a manufacturer’s business plan.

April 23, 2019
Trends in Higher Ed Executive Search from our own Steve Waldron, Managing Director, Higher Education Executive Search.

January 30, 2019
Angie Salmon, Senior Vice President of EFL Associates, shares insight on how to create an outstanding candidate experience during the sell trip.

January 11, 2019
Steve Waldron, the Managing Director of the Higher Education Search Practice, provides his insight on the most critically important trait to consider when selecting a university president. Fear not where it was acquired.

September 5, 2018
A growing number of foundations and endowments are turning to impact investing, a relatively new strategy that channels money toward a social or environmental cause. Like charitable giving, impact investing puts money into certain philanthropic efforts, but because those efforts are in for-profit businesses and organizations, impact investing should also realize a financial gain.

July 11, 2018
Jay Meschke, President of EFL Associates, provides tips for retaining top talent in a hot employment market.

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